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Maine Agriculture in the Classroom

Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix

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Terrariums: A Look at the Living and Nonliving World

Students observe the interactions between living plants and other living and nonliving things in a small terrarium environment and discuss similarities between the terrarium environment and the farm environment. Grades 3-5

Companion Resources (3)
Diary of a Worm
Written in diary form, students will learn about life from the perspective of a worm.  The book teaches about the role worms play in our soil and uses fun and comical observations of a worm.
Dust Bowl Diary
This is the diary of a young girl and includes her true account of the dust bowl.  The book provides details and some humor.  It would be great literature to accompany "Grapes of Wrath' or a class studying the dust bowl years in American History.
Survival in the Storm
In this Dear America series book, Grace Edwards uses her journal to tell the story of a year (1935) in the Texas Panhandle town of Dalhart during the days of the Dust Bowl. Centered on a 12-year-old's perspective of home and school, chores and friends, Grace's diary reveals in graphic detail what life was like when farms failed, families went hungry, and children died from dust pneumonia because no rain fell.