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Maine Agriculture in the Classroom


Ag-Plate - Fequently Asked Question

Ag Plate

Legislative Document No. 968 authorized the issuance of an agricultural recognition registration plate to support programs that benefit agricultural education. As a requirement of title 29A of M.R.S.A. Section 468, effective July 25, 2002, a list of 2,000 names, signatures and current plate numbers had to be gathered of supporters intending to purchase the plate and a fee of $40,000 ($20 for each signature) was paid prior to September 1st, 2006.

Frequently Asked Questions when signing up for the Maine Agricultural License Plate

1. Why did it take so long?

In trying to help the future success of the agriculture plate, and in response to requests from people ordering the plate, legislators added a clause to include FARM and COMMERCIAL vehicles to the bill. This delayed the process slightly by making it a budget item because there are some initial costs to do this.

2. How much does it cost?

The specialty plates cost $20 in addition to the regular motor vehicle registration fee. Renewal of these plates is $15 annually added to your regular registration fee. Make check payable to Maine Agriculture in the Classroom Association or MAITCA

3. If I purchase an Agricultural License Plate what will the funding be used for?

$10 of the annual fee will be transferred to a special fund for agricultural education programs administered by Maine Agriculture in the Classroom Association. $10 from the original fee and $5 from the renewal fee will be used for administration and production costs of the plate.

4. How will I get my plate?

All sponsors purchasing this Agricultural License plate will receive a voucher from the Secretary of State's office when the plates are available. This voucher may be used the next time you register your vehicle at your regular site.

5. When will the Agricultural License plates be ready?

October 1st, 2007 is the expected date of issuance.

6. What will be the number and/or letter pattern on the ag plates?

The regular Ag plates will include 3 numbers, followed by 3 letters, with a single space between the numbers and letters. No numbers may be duplicated for different Maine license plate styles.

7. Can I keep my vanity plate?

Yes, The cost of the specialty plate will be in addition to your current vanity plate fees. [EXCEPTION: Due to a recent law change, if your vanity plate is duplicated in another

8. Can I request a specific plate number?

No, we're sorry. You can, however, request a vanity plate (if your choice is available), just as you can with any other license plate. If you have any questions related to vanity plates, you can contact the BMV at: 207.624.9000 x 52146 or Email: