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Maine Agriculture in the Classroom


Library Resources

Tools of the Trade

Grades PreK–4
Brady, Peter. Mankato, Minnesota: Capstone Press, 1996
On the Farm: Machines at Work
Grades PreK-6
Pluckrose, Henry. New York, New York: Franklin Watts, 1998
Actual pictures and descriptions of farm machinery at work.
The Guiness Book of Aircraft: Records Facts and Feats
Grades 7–Adult
Mondey, David and Michael J.H. Taylor. Guiness Publishing Ltd., 1988
Textbook of Aircraft.
The International Encyclopedia of Aviation
Grades 7-Adult
Mondey, David, general ed. Crown Publishers, 1988
Fully Illustrated Resource book.
Crop Dusters
Grades 7-Adult
Rasmussen, Henry. Motorbooks International, 1986
This book explains the history and types of aircraft used for crop dusting. Full color photos.
Building a House
Grades PreK–2
Barton, Byron. The Trumpet Club, 1981
A beginning reader about building a house.
Tool Book
Grades PreK–2
Gibbons, Gail, 1982
Fully illustrated beginning reader about tools.
How a House is Built
Grades K–4
Gibbons, Gail, Holiday House, 1990
Young reader covering materials, shapes and artisans needed to build a house.
Architecture is Elementary
Grades 6–12
Peters, Nathan. Peregrine Smith Books, 1986. Book of visual thinking through architecture.
The Art of Construction
Grades 6-12
Salvadori, Mario Chicago Review Press, 1990
Projects for beginning engineers and architects.
Math For Every Kid
Grades 3–7
Van Cleave, Janice. Wiley, 1991
Easy activities that make math fun.