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Maine Agriculture in the Classroom


MAITC Teacher of the Year 2008

David Finlay

2008 winner, David Finlay

Maine Agriculture in the Classroom Association is thrilled to introduce our 2008 Teacher of the Year, David Finlay of Lubec Consolidated School. David teaches his students what he likes to call "true science," which is science that he believes his students will be able to apply to their own lives after they have finished school. His hands-on aquaculture program uses a remote interactive system to also include neighboring Eastport students in the lab work that he does in Lubec. Through school visits and distance learning these students can participate in the science program, sharing limited resources.

And, just what are David's students doing? Through a series of fish tanks representing cycles from growing algae, to growing fish, to using the fish wastes to fertilize greenhouse plants, students perform experiments with real-world implications rather than the traditional pre-packaged lab work from a textbook. Chemistry, botany, sustainability and productivity, environmental protection, and waste management are all rolled into one class! Congratulations to this truly innovative Maine teacher! Keep up the great work, David!

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