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Maine Agriculture in the Classroom


MAITC Teacher of the Year 2020

Ted Bridge-Koenigsberg

Ted Bridge-Koenigsberg from Sebago Elementary School is Maine AITC 2020 Teacher of the Year! Ted teaches grades four and five and has been using agriculture in his classroom for years to help transform the educational experience of his students. The Sebago Elementary School Garden hosts a combination of flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, and the centerpiece: grapes. Ted has been using the grape vines, perhaps more than any other species in the garden, to get kids interested in plants, and the food they produce. Ted has coordinated with Sebago Elementary kitchen staff, providing hands-on lessons that have seen the students make grape jam, and even grape fruit leather, right in the classroom. His current project is "Fleece to Felted Footwear," where students are learning about fiber processing by turning raw wool and natural dyes into warm felted woolen shoes they can wear, integrating art, science, and social studies! This summer he is digging deeper into waste management at the school.


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